Working with Microsoft Access 2007

I have been making good use of MS Access 2007 recently. I’m starting to like it. I realise many people are still divided on the new Ribbon type toolbar. It takes some getting used to, but after a while I find it most useful. There are tools available to go back to the old style toolbars and menus, but really what is the point. Technology is always changing and we should adapt with it.  In fact the Ribbon will be with us in the forthcoming version of Microsoft Office, due next year.

So what do I particularly like about MS Access 2007? Well, the first thing I was impressed with was the little calendar icon you get next to a date field. Previously you had to set a reference to a calendar control and then write some code to make it work. Now all you do is declare a data type of date in your table, drag the field to the form and hey presto – when you run the form and click in the field you get a little calendar icon to select the date from.

I also like the ability to use Outlook to collect data from email messages. As soon as the email comes in the record gets added to Access automatically. This is particularly handy when sending out a survey to thousands.

I’ve now produced an online Access 2007 training course where you get access to over 150 videos and over 75 pdf files. You also get access to an interactive forum where you can ask me anything on any part of the course that you don’t understand. You won’t find anything like this elsewhere. Instead of hunting around the internet for bits and pieces you now have it all before you. Check it out here