Using the MS Access macro

When we want to automate certain aspects of our database we can take two routes. The first is to learn how to program or the second to learn how to use MS Access macros

Macros consists of actions which instruct Access to perform tasks. For example we may have a macro to backup our tables,forms etc into another database. We may even create a simple macro to open a form or report.

There are macro actions for practically anything you want to do in Access. You will find that learning how to use the MS Access macro is not as hard as you think.

You may even want to transfer data from your MS Access tables into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet by clicking one button. Easily done with a macro. Forget about having to click various menu commands. Just create a macro in the designer and you are done.

Why not email that spreadsheet or even output it to Microsoft Word? Again, a macro can take care of this for you.

Forget about complex programming. The MS Access macro makes automating your database a breeze.

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