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MS Access 2007 help

MS Access 2007 is the version of Access that changed everything. The interface is like no previous version and takes some getting used to. Instead of the classic toolbars and menus we now have what is known as ‘The Ribbon. It is easier to now create basic forms and reports. Unfortunately there is not a [...]

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How to use the autoexec macro

The autoexec macro is used to run actions when the database is opening. For example, you may wish to perform a data update before the system becomes active. You can do a similar thing with the start up options, but the autoexec macro will allow you to run more than one action. Lets look at [...]

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Working with Microsoft Access databases

One should always use the right tool for the right job. If you want to store large volumes of data and have many users then think if Microsoft Access databases are the best way to go. Microsoft Access databases tend to be better suited to small systems with around ten or less users. For anything [...]

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Using Microsoft Access database queries

Entering data in a database is done through tables or forms, but when we want to get our data out we should use Microsoft Access database queries. A Microsoft Access database query can produce a complete or a subset of data. You can also choose to restrict the data returned based on criteria you feed [...]

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Microsoft Access 2007 for dummies

The world’s most popular desktop database, Microsoft Access has seen many versions. The latest is known as Office Access 2007 and is the most radical release yet. It offers a wide range of features for beginners and seasoned users alike. There are many books on the market including “Microsoft Access 2007 for dummies” which will [...]

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How should we be using Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is a desktop database which is best suited to small applications with a small number of users. Using Microsoft Access for anything more and it may outgrow our database needs.

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