"How to Get Started With MS Access 2010 Even if You've Never Used it Before"

Microsoft Access 2010 is the greatest version of the world's best selling desktop database.

Throw away those dry explanations you find in expensive books and Watch over my shoulder as I explain in easy steps how to master MS Access 2010.

Microsoft Access 2010 Power Mastery will enable you to learn Access 2010 faster. We all learn better by doing and here I combine visual and audio techniques to deliver the material in a way that ensures you will learn faster and more easily.

For those starting out with MS Access this is just the ticket you need. Even if you are from a previous version of Access you will still find something of use here.

How many times have you gone to the internet and searched through page after page for the solution to your problem? Do you find yourself getting nowhere fast? Are you still paying for those expensive huge books that give you a lot of information that you either don't need or just don't want to know in order to do your job?

My Microsoft Access training is used worldwide by thousands of students in evey country imaginable. I've received great feedback from students who have acheived their dreams of finally mastering this powerful software product.

Let's look at what you will get with this Microsoft Access training series

I like the subform tutorial. I've had a quick browse through. Great job.
I Will learn a lot from it

I found both the eBook and DVD are OUTSTANDING! Thanks again and I look forward to your reply and continued use of your tools.
Take Care, and Stay Safe,
Ralph Celento, Contractor - GDIT

Hello Paul Barnett ! Thanks for showing me that Ms Access has a lot of qualities. You are very brilliant on MS access. I have learnt a lot of things from your tutorials.

Hello Paul, "I would like to testify that I have been enjoying your lessons very very much. Please do keep up with this noble duty. Do have a very wonderful day."
Regards, Chimuka Zambia

Have you ever asked yourself how some people seem to create databases with ease? And they do it with apparently no effort whilst you continue to struggle to use Microsoft Access.

Don't worry, you are not alone!

Microsoft Access is a huge, complex piece of software and the vast majority of people give up before they even start due to the huge amount of conflicting, incorrect and misleading information out there on the internet.


  • Learn a new skill and position yourself in the job market
  • Refresh your knowledge of MS Access
  • Create powerful working databases quickly
  • Interface MS Access with other components in MS Office

The truth of the matter is - You could spend ages hunting around the internet for answers. You could buy another expensive bulky book which is full of stuff you really don't need to know in order to do your job.

Or you could get MS Access 2010 Power Mastery and learn visually from the ground up. Before long you will become an MS Access expert and be creating great looking databases.


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