MS Access Interview System

The Human Resources MS Access interview system is designed to monitor job candidates and match to vacancies. Instead of having to spend valuable time looking through paper forms and applications you can quickly, with a few clicks of the mouse, filter out suitable candidates for the vacancy. An ideal Access database solution for a human resources department.


* Education
* Skills
* View resume
* Previous employers
* Agency details
* Interview tests
* Further interview
* Work permit
* Qualifications
* References
* Projects
* Interview time, date, location


I honestly think that your product is the best we have seen out of some 30 / 40 reviewed in the area of Applicant Tracking. I think that you have included all of the typical fields and capabilities that we originally spec’d plus you have resume search & skills/experience search. I will send you some links to the ‘next best’ products that have several features I think could be incorporated in your product, but you would be the best judge of this.

I gave you a call this afternoon concerning the Staff Interview and Skill Builder program you’ve developed some time ago (left a message on your voicemail).
I reviewed its possibilities in Access97. It looks very good, although there are still a few modifications I would like to make. Nevertheless, this is the best easy-to-use application I’ve come across in my search…. Great job! So, I’m interested in purchasing your application in an Access2000 format.Is it possible to contact me concerning the payment and delivery?

The human resources MS Access interview system is ideal for either a small or a medium sized business.

* MS Office compatible
* Works with MS Access 97, 2000, XP, 2003
* User manual and support provided
* Can be tailored to your organization
* Helps to support the critical human resource functions of your organization
* Source code included
* Eliminate paper based systems