MS Access 2007 help

MS Access 2007 is the version of Access that changed everything. The interface is like no previous version and takes some getting used to. Instead of the classic toolbars and menus we now have what is known as ‘The Ribbon.

It is easier to now create basic forms and reports. Unfortunately there is not a lot of MS Access 2007 help available at this stage and it is important to get the correct training as soon as possible.

How much MS Access 2007 help needed will vary from person to person. Some need more training than others. We all learn differently and there are aspects of MS Access which are complicated.

Take for example database relationships – these are the backbone of any good MS Access database and it is useful to have a good understanding.

On this site I have created a great MS Access 2007 help product. Students have got great value from it and now it is available online or on DVD.

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