Microsoft Access course

There was a time when Microsoft provided book type manuals with their software. This is no longer the case and we really have to hunt around for the information we need or attend some kind of Microsoft Access course.

Of course there is the online help, but this may not be suitable for everybody. We learn and retain information if different ways. I personally prefer to have a book that I can refer to wherever I am.

The alternative is to attend a Microsoft Access course, but this could involve travel and may not always fit into everyone’s schedule.

Fortunately there is an answer in the form of the Microsoft Access Power Mastery course.

This course is available on this website and you can either watch the tutorials online or on a pc playable DVD.

The course is very comprehensive and many students have given great feedback about it.

It is now in its second version and even better than before. You get a ton of Access 2007 tutorials in the form of videos and cheat sheets to take you from beginner to power master.

It’s like having a teacher there with you guiding you each step of the way. Learn at your own pace – skip, pause, rewind, replay any part of the tutorials.

So skip the online information hunt and take charge of your future now.

Give yourself a head start and get on board this Microsoft Access course.

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