Microsoft Access 2007 for dummies

The world’s most popular desktop database, Microsoft Access has seen many versions. The latest is known as Office Access 2007 and is the most radical release yet. It offers a wide range of features for beginners and seasoned users alike. There are many books on the market including “Microsoft Access 2007 for dummies” which will aid understanding of this powerful database software.

Some may take offence at being referred to as a dummy however and may seek out alternative means to learn. I believe this is a wrong attitude to take. It’s just a title after all and a catchy one at that.

Although MS Access is easy enough for beginners to start creating databases, there is more to consider if you want to build powerful systems. Sometimes a simple form is not going to cut it and you may soon find you want to add more features. How will a book help? It will present database theory and will certainly aid understanding, but is no substitute to having a tutor talking to and guiding you.

I have to admit to using dummies books myself in the past and have found them to be very informative. I recall starting off with both the MS Dos and Windows dummies books and learning a great deal this way. The books are fun to read and make the subject entertaining.

Lets face it, many of us dread having to learn new things as we get older and technology for some proves difficult. I have not used Microsoft Access 2007 for dummies, but if it is as good as other books in the series then it will certainly benefit the reader.

We always learn by doing. Sure it is possible to read endless text on a subject, but it all comes down to taking action and putting into practice what we have learnt. Mistakes will be made, but that is always a big part of the learning process. An Access database is no different to any other subject. It takes time and effort to build good systems.

The best way to learn is to pick a tutor that breaks the subject down into its easiest format. It should start at the begininng and should not overwhelm the pupil with computer jargon and theory. Whether you use a course or a book, seeing your Access database results take shape can be a pleasure in itself.

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