Discovering the Microsoft Office Access database

Microsoft Office has been around for many years and includes at its core Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Microsoft Office is the world’s most popular office suite and is used on millions of PC desktops.

The application used for storing and retrieving large volumes of data is the Microsoft Office Access database. Previously it was called Access, but this changed with Access 2007 and it now has the name ‘Office Access’. There are good alternatives on the market now, but Microsoft Office Access is still the leader.

The great thing about applications in the MS Office suite is that they can all talk to each other and this is no different with the Microsoft Office Access database. You may find you want to transfer records from your Microsoft Office Access database into Microsoft Excel. Because these packages can communicate this task is easily achievable.

You may also find you want to create mailing labels in Microsoft Word for example. You could use the Microsoft Office Access database to transfer its records into MS Word which would then use them to merge into mailing labels.

Some considerable changes have been made to the Microsoft Office Access database. It now has a new look interface for instance. Also the ability to set up users and groups is no longer there. Security is now mainly done via a password.

Creating forms in the new Microsoft Office Access database has become easier and there are now different form options. One example is the split form.

The Microsoft Office Access database is a great addition to the MS Office suite and delivers on both power and user friendliness.

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