Create a PDF file with a Microsoft Access macro

In Microsoft Access 2010 one of the new features is to save data as PDF format files.

You can also do this by using Microsoft Access macros.

Click on the ‘Create’ tab.

Click on the macro button on the top right hand side.

At the right of the screen you will see a window for the ‘Action Catalog’

Under the Data/ImportExport folder select ‘ExportWithFormatting’.

Set the object type, i.e. form, table etc.

Set the object name to the name of the object you wish to export as a pdf file.

Set the output format to ‘PDF’.

Set the output quality to ‘Screen’.

Now save and run the Microsoft Access macro.

In Windows locate the area where your PDF was saved and open it up.

Click here to get more help with the Microsoft Access macro

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