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How to use the autoexec macro

The autoexec macro is used to run actions when the database is opening. For example, you may wish to perform a data update before the system becomes active. You can do a similar thing with the start up options, but the autoexec macro will allow you to run more than one action. Lets look at [...]

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Create a PDF file with a Microsoft Access macro

In Microsoft Access 2010 one of the new features is to save data as PDF format files. You can also do┬áthis by using Microsoft Access macros. Click on the ‘Create’ tab. Click on the macro button on the top right hand side. At the right of the screen you will see a window for the [...]

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MS Access Macro – How To Open a Report

An MS Access macro is a great tool for automating our databases. We can use Microsoft Access macro actions for many tasks. In this demonstration I am going to open a report by using a macro. The MS Access macro designer has three main columns 1. Macro Name 2. Action 3. Comment Enter the name [...]

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Using the MS Access macro

When we want to automate certain aspects of our database we can take two routes. The first is to learn how to program or the second to learn how to use MS Access macros Macros consists of actions which instruct Access to perform tasks. For example we may have a macro to backup our tables,forms [...]

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