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How to Create a Microsoft Access Splash Screen

When Access loads we tend to see the database window. We can hide this and show our own start up screen. This is known as a Microsoft Access Splash Screen. Let’s get started. Create a brand new form. Drag a label onto it and add a caption.   Set any background or fore color properties [...]

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MS Access Calculated Field

I am going to talk about Microsoft Access calculated query fields. What is a calculated query? If you have two or more value fields in your query you can calculate a third field based on the other fields. This field is known as an MS Access calculated field. For example if you wanted to find [...]

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MS Access Combobox

An MS Access combobox is a very useful feature of Access and will enhance the look and feel of your forms. It will also keep your data consistent in your tables. Let’s take an example of countries. Your form may require name, address and country details. If for example you wanted to record the United [...]

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How To Create Access Database Tables

The table is the container for your data in your Access database. Any information you enter on your screen will be saved back to a table. The table will have columns…for example first name, surname, address, phone.

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How To Create Access Database Relationships

Access is a relational database. Data is related via separate tables, linked by columns with a primary and foreign key. Each table should represent a single fact.

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How To Add A Spellchecker To An Access Database Form

When entering data one can occasionally misspell a word or two. We are all used to having a spell checker at hand when typing a Word document for instance. Why should a spell check be limited to Word documents? Surely it would be of benefit if we could incorporate something similar in an Access database. [...]

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