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Working with Microsoft Access databases

One should always use the right tool for the right job. If you want to store large volumes of data and have many users then think if Microsoft Access databases are the best way to go. Microsoft Access databases tend to be better suited to small systems with around ten or less users. For anything [...]

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Advantages of using a Microsoft Access Database

In today’s information age we are becoming less reliant on paper. When keeping records, be it household or business, it is a good idea to keep our information using some kind of computer solution. A Microsoft Access Database provides the perfect solution to our problems. There are different approaches we can take. We could look [...]

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How should we be using Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is a desktop database which is best suited to small applications with a small number of users. Using Microsoft Access for anything more and it may outgrow our database needs.

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Access To SQL Server

While Access is great for small databases it is not so good when you have many users. Say 50 or more. It may be worth thinking about moving Access To SQL Server. Some companies may use MS Office an create small databases, but they may also have the need for a more robust, stable database [...]

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MS Access SQL Server

MS Access is great for desktop databases with five to ten users. Anything more and it can become unstable. Stability is also affected by the volume of data held in tables. Corruption can occur resulting in the database having to be repaired or in some cases lost altogether. You may wish to compare MS Access SQL Server. SQL [...]

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What is a database?

A database is a collection of information. A Microsoft Access database provides a mechanism for storing, retrieving and manipulating that information.

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Why Use An Access Database?

In today’s ever changing world it is important a business has the correct tools to improve efficiency. If you are a small to medium sized business you may find you are not being as productive in some areas as you would like. There are many aspects of a business that can be automated… could be [...]

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Access Database Versions

Over the years MS Access has not changed much in terms of it’s interface and the basic building blocks it contains. I started off using Access version 2. This was a good version in many respects, but was prone to being unstable when handling large amounts of data or users. The Jet database engine has [...]

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