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Creating a VBA Access database

You can create powerful Access databases with no programming code at all. There may be a situation though when you do need some specialized functionality and then you will have to create a VBA Access database. The programming language used in all the MS Office products is VBA which stands for Visual Basic for Applications. [...]

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Microsoft Access ebook

We can learn Microsoft Access from many resources. One great way is to use a Microsoft Access ebook. An ebook can be read on your PC or laptop and is easier to transport than a traditional printed book. I have written two great Microsoft Access e-books  which you will find on this site. If you [...]

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Microsoft Access course

There was a time when Microsoft provided book type manuals with their software. This is no longer the case and we really have to hunt around for the information we need or attend some kind of Microsoft Access course. Of course there is the online help, but this may not be suitable for everybody. We [...]

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Access contact database

Although we can use MS Outlook for storing contacts, we may also want a dedicated system to do this. We can store personal or business contacts and call them up at the click of a button in an MS Access contact database. The advantages of storing contacts in An MS Access contact database are obvious. [...]

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MS Access 2007 help

MS Access 2007 is the version of Access that changed everything. The interface is like no previous version and takes some getting used to. Instead of the classic toolbars and menus we now have what is known as ‘The Ribbon. It is easier to now create basic forms and reports. Unfortunately there is not a [...]

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How to use the autoexec macro

The autoexec macro is used to run actions when the database is opening. For example, you may wish to perform a data update before the system becomes active. You can do a similar thing with the start up options, but the autoexec macro will allow you to run more than one action. Lets look at [...]

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