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How should we be using Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is a desktop database which is best suited to small applications with a small number of users. Using Microsoft Access for anything more and it may outgrow our database needs.

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Access To SQL Server

While Access is great for small databases it is not so good when you have many users. Say 50 or more. It may be worth thinking about moving Access To SQL Server. Some companies may use MS Office an create small databases, but they may also have the need for a more robust, stable database [...]

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MS Access SQL Server

MS Access is great for desktop databases with five to ten users. Anything more and it can become unstable. Stability is also affected by the volume of data held in tables. Corruption can occur resulting in the database having to be repaired or in some cases lost altogether. You may wish to compare MS Access SQL Server. SQL [...]

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How do I create an MS Access subform

MS Access Subforms are used for showing multiple rows of information. You could say one customer has many orders. The main form would contain the one record – the customer record. The subform would contain any related orders they have. An MS Access subform is a form within a form. For this demonstration I am using MS Access [...]

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How to Create a Microsoft Access Splash Screen

When Access loads we tend to see the database window. We can hide this and show our own start up screen. This is known as a Microsoft Access Splash Screen. Let’s get started. Create a brand new form. Drag a label onto it and add a caption.   Set any background or fore color properties [...]

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MS Access Calculated Field

I am going to talk about Microsoft Access calculated query fields. What is a calculated query? If you have two or more value fields in your query you can calculate a third field based on the other fields. This field is known as an MS Access calculated field. For example if you wanted to find [...]

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MS Access Excel Linking – How To

I am going to talk about how you can link to an Excel spreadsheet within MS Access. In MS Access 2003 you can make changes to the spreadsheet from within Access. You cannot do this in Access 2007 however. Access to Excel will create a linked table to the spreadsheet. You could create an MS [...]

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MS Access Combobox

An MS Access combobox is a very useful feature of Access and will enhance the look and feel of your forms. It will also keep your data consistent in your tables. Let’s take an example of countries. Your form may require name, address and country details. If for example you wanted to record the United [...]

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